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  • 打开的门 opening door

    Date:Nov 20, 2008 Label:Others }



            Here is an opening door,Wellcome you all who are getting down from the scaling ladder of real life.

            About Mino:I am the one  who always hide, but I wish Domino Factroy is a fairyland. 





    • 评论

    • 走起来!!!!!!!!
    • 米诺姐姐不要消失,还有天使看着你呢!
    • u can try to be always hide but your angel still watchin u
      luv ...
    • Hey, looks great ,interesting,hope it would be a real fairyland of art.
    • hey, sweet heart, u say that u r the one who always hide, but I’ll never hide when you need someone who cares for you. I’ll always stay by ur side. :)